We all know the feeling: setting our alarm and trying to fall asleep, only to recognize that the brain has a different plan and refuses to calm down. Therefore, we end up tossing and turning, checking the time every 10 minutes to see how long we have left before we have to get up, and dreading the way that we will feel and function the following day with just a few hours of real sleep.

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As is known, there are a few commonly used techniques that might help induce sleep, such as taking a warm shower before going to bed or using the “4-7-8” breathing method. But as most of us have learned, you cannot always count on such techniques to work. Therefore, wouldn’t it be great if we could train our brains to doze off faster whenever we go to bed?

This is what URGONight, “The World’s First Daytime Sleep Training Device” aspires to achieve. URGONight, which was recently revealed at CES 2019 by the French company URGOTECH, is a non-invasive, wearable, EEG (electroencephalography) headband designed to train your brain to fall asleep faster and with fewer interruptions throughout the night.

URGONight utilizes EEG neurofeedback, a technology that is scientifically proven and has already been used by sleep clinics for decades. Studies reported that using EEG neurofeedback could decrease sleep onset latency by up to 40% and nighttime awakening by up to 53%. URGOTECH, through URGONight, hopes to extend this technology to more people in the comfort of their own homes and at an affordable price.

The URGONight headband is equipped with four dry electrodes. Two of the electrodes are placed at the top of the head and two behind the ears. These electrodes are positioned in the ideal locations to detect what is called sensorimotor (SMR) brain waves. Since increasing the production of SMR waves during the day corresponds with better quality of sleep, the URGONight app, through a series of exercises, aims to nudge the user’s brain to produce more of these brain waves. The people behind URGONight believe that users training with URGONight for as little as 60 minutes per week could attain sustainable results after just three months.

URGONight’s pre-order campaign will be launched in April of 2019. It will retail for $500, and the first units are expected to ship to consumers in the last quarter of this year.

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