Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a famous Israeli pharma, is entering the medical marijuana industry by partnering with Syqe Medical, a company based in Tel Aviv, to distribute the Syqe inhaler. The Syqe inhaler is marketed as being the “world’s first selective-dose pharmaceutical grade medicinal plants inhaler,” capable of delivering marijuana to within 100 micrograms. There are two versions of the inhaler, including one for in-hospital use and one for patients to use at home.

The idea of a selective-dose inhaler is that it can be adjusted to deliver a nearly identical dose at every use. This is important since marijuana has psychoactive effects. The device allows to achieve the desired relief of whatever symptoms, such as nausea, that the marijuana is prescribed for, without producing excessive psychoactive effects for the patient.

Syqe will be producing the preloaded cartridges with pharmaceutical grade marijuana packed inside. The cartridges are childproof and only work inside the Syqe inhaler.

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