Tech-Enabled Campaign Raises Awareness of Adolescent Mental Health

A revolutionary tech-based campaign focusing on spreading awareness about mental health issues among teenagers has recently made headlines.

Launched by MiraVista Behavioral Health Center, this awe-inspiring initiative aptly named ”Your Story is Still Being Written” leverages video storytelling and digital outreach to connect with adolescents struggling with mental health concerns. It showcases real-life stories of adolescents who battled and successfully overcame their mental health linked challenges.

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About MiraVista Behavioral Health Center

MiraVista Behavioral Health Center, a well-renowned mental health facility, has been instrumental in providing psychotherapy, medication management, and intensive outpatient services for adolescents and adults alike. Their pioneering use of technological advancements to support and amplify their mental health efforts marks a significant milestone in the field of psychiatry technology.

The Launch of the Campaign

The campaign was unveiled at the start of 2022 under the guidance of MiraVista leaders Dr. Melissa Perry and Dr. Scott Haas. This innovative healthcare initiative masterfully combines Psychiatry and technology.

Why This Digital Campaign?

In the digital age, it is crucial that healthcare initiatives align with the communication preferences of their target audience, which are primarily the teens in this case. ”Your Story is Still Being Written” does precisely this by opting for a digital medium which is a significant part of teens’ daily routines.

The Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is an often-overlooked facet of overall well-being, especially amongst adolescents. The pandemic and its continuing aftermath have further served to highlight the importance of mental health. By sharing real-life stories of adolescents who have triumphed over their mental health issues, this campaign aims to open up to and relate with teens struggling with similar issues and provide resounding assurance that they are not alone.

Role of the Digital Platform

Emphasizing the effectiveness of digital platforms in creating a broader outreach, the campaign leaders have incorporated an extensive use of social media and targeted advertising. The objective is to reach out to as many teens as possible, while also creating an impact on their parents, teachers, and friends who may be in a position to offer help and support.


This wonderful initiative by MiraVista Behavioral Health Center of utilizing technology to propel mental health awareness among teens is indeed a commendable step towards revolutionizing the field of psychiatry technology.

It is heartening to note the positive strides being taken in the realm of mental health, particularly for teenagers. Aiding these endeavors with technology makes them more attuned to the digital generation and theoretically results in a much wider reach and impact.

So why not let such inspiring stories kindle hope in many more hearts? Share this post across your social media platforms to raise awareness about adolescent mental health and the commendable work being done by MiraVista.

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