Speaking of fancy pulse-oximeters, Helicor‘s StressEraser is now shipping. It can’t play music or call your buddies, but it somehow has the ability to calm you down in tense situations.
And, at a price of $400, the device can give you new things to gnash your teeth over — such as credit card payments. Read on:

Discover The World's MOST COMPREHENSIVE Mental Health Assessment Platform

Efficiently assess your patients for 80+ possible conditions with a single dynamic, intuitive mental health assessment. As low as $12 per patient per year.

The StressEraser interactively guides users in adjusting their breathing and mental focus to rapidly decrease the activity of the stimulating nerves while increasing the activity of the pacifying nerves. In other words, StressEraser users can quickly calm the mind and relax the body, even during intensely stressful situations. And the convenience and portability of the StressEraser allows people to experience its benefits anytime, anywhere.

…Helicor is shipping the StressEraser after more than four years of research and development…

We thought the product was supposed to ship in September, but it’s understandable if StressEraser missed the deadline — we hear it’s a pretty laid-back place to work.

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