Magstim, a company Wales, UK firm that just won FDA clearance for a 3 minute magnetic stimulation protocol for major depression, is releasing a new navigation system for the Horizon transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) platform. The StimGuide was developed specifically for use by clinicians, as opposed to researchers, to help deliver consistent results when treating depression using the Horizon.

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Accurately targeting small volumes within the brain requires accurate positioning of the electromagnetic coils, which typically involves the use of MRI imaging prior to a procedure. The StimGuide works to make it quick and easy to guide the coil, using four physical markers and a 3D camera to triangulate the exact position of the patient’s head in relation to the coil. The system is able to track the distance, rotation, and pitch in real-time, which helps to make it intuitive to setup up treatment for each patient.

“I am thrilled that this technology is now available,” in a statement said Dr Mark George, MD from Medical University of South Carolina. “As the TMS research field continues to advance towards treating targets tailored for each patient, a tool like StimGuide provides a solution for simple, repeatable, and precise coil positioning.”

The 3D navigation system aligns four distinct parameters to guide clinicians to a precise target area for treatment, reducing any potential variability in treatment and improving confidence and consistency in the delivery of the TMS

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