Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a powerful, proven tool in helping people get over some phobias and neuroses. But we can’t tell if the creators of the Huggable Atomic Mushroom are subscribers to CBT, or poking fun at it:

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The Huggable Atomic Mushrooms are soft toys shaped like nuclear explosions , enabling those of us with a phobia of world destruction to literally embrace our fears. Like treatments for phobias they come in different sizes to allow for gradual exposure.

The creators of this and other pieces ask: What if we engaged with fear and anxiety in a rational way, even if those fears seem irrational? It’s a fine question, but their exhibit (“Prescription Products: Design for Fragile Personalities in Anxious Times”) seems more intended for the artsy types than evidence-based psychiatrists (let alone patients).

In fact, we must remark that the threat of being vaporized by a nuclear blast is only slightly more unsettling than this photo (after the jump):


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