Quitting smoking can be difficult for a lot of people, often turning normal folks into irritated grouches that can’t seem to control their emotions. A good deal trouble arises from the fact that smokers often don’t realize what triggers their cravings and what they can do to avoid such situations. A new hardware and software system, originally envisioned by a group of North Carolina State undergrads, provides automatic cigarette tracking coupled with various support services and quitting aids that in the end aims to help find the best quitting route for every smoker.

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The Nicotrax system includes a special cigarette pack that records every time a smoke is pulled out. This data is sent over to a smartphone and into an online portal from where it can be evaluated by the user or counselor. Besides recording the time and frequency of smokes, the system also does its best to identify where and with whom there seems to be more smoking done by the user. 

Once triggers are identified, they can be used to structure one’s day to avoid certain spots and people, as well as decide when it’s best to take a nicotine replacement therapy. A personal counselor can also analyze the data and have the person open up and understand what exactly is creating the triggers and how best to avoid them.

Although the system is not yet available for purchase, the company founders are raising crowdfunds on Indiegogo to turn it into a real product.

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