If you’ve been stuck recovering in a hospital for a long period of time, you may know how delightful video games are for killing time. Injured veterans, usually people that don’t enjoy being stuck in one place and like exciting challenges, often don’t get to benefit from video games because of the disabilities that got them into the hospital in the first place.

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Now Microsoft is teaming up with the Veterans Administration (VA) to roll out its Xbox Adaptive Controller, which lets almost anyone play video games on Microsoft’s Xbox video gaming system, in a bunch of VA rehab centers.

Mind you, playing video games won’t only be for wasting time, but as a fun therapeutic rehab activity that helps to train the arms, hands, eyes, and brain to coordinate together. It also will certainly give veterans a fun and competitive activity to gather around.

The Microsoft donation comes with the consoles, games, and additional adaptive gaming equipment that will allow as many people to participate as possible.

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