Blue light has relatively recently been confirmed as a culprit that can distort people’s circadian rhythms and turn sleeping into a nightly challenge. With the ongoing proliferation of portable electronic devices that feature bright, high resolution screens, more and more people are absorbing large quantities of blue light through their eyes during evening hours when it’s most detrimental. JINS, a Japanese eyewear firm, will soon be releasing in the U.S. a line of eyeglasses that help eliminate significant amount of the blue light before it reaches your eyes.

The JINS SCREEN glasses have a special coating that reflects light with wavelengths around the 460 nm range, while the lens material itself absorbs more of this light. The result is a 25% reduction in light of this frequency reaching the eyes, which has been shown in a clinical study to reduce eye strain. Importantly, unlike similar products that block blue light while turning everything brown, the new JINS glasses are nearly completely clear and supposedly do not significantly change the color of the surrounding environment.

The glasses will be made available on August 8 and the blue light blocking feature can be purchased as an add-on to the company’s prescription lenses:

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From JINS:

A clinical study conducted by JINS and Keio University in Japan in 2011 showed a significant difference in the decrease of Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF), an index used to measure eye strain. The index works by flashing a blinking light at an increasing speed in front of the subject’s eyes. The faster the speed of the light they can detect, the less strained their eyes are. Subjects wearing JINS SCREEN exhibited a smaller reduction in baseline CFF than those who weren’t wearing the glasses.

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