Innovative Mental Health Solution Wins HSE Excellence Award

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The Sligo Leitrim Mental Health Services Team has been awarded an Excellence Award by the Health Service Executive (HSE) for their innovative new healthcare solution. This new solution aims to improve access to mental health services by utilizing new technologies such as video consultations for remote therapy sessions, online assessments and questionnaires as well as an innovative messaging system for patients. This project is a fantastic example of how technology can be used to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of mental health services for patients and healthcare providers alike.


While this new innovative solution was created with the overarching goal of improving access to mental health services, numerous advantages have surfaced in practice. Patients now have improved access to healthcare as they can engage in therapy sessions remotely without the need for time-consuming or expensive travels. Also, instead of strictly sticking to traditional treatment options, patients can also benefit from a more personalized approach as healthcare providers can utilize online assessments and questionnaires to tailor treatment plans for individuals.


The new messaging system also enables patients to remain engaged with healthcare providers outside of scheduled consultations, increasing the likelihood of accountability, compliance, and providing additional support just when it’s needed. This new system, in turn, reinforces a stronger bond and trust between the patient and healthcare provider, especially when healthcare providers respond promptly. The available support also helps mitigate any potential crises that patients might encounter, ensuring that patients always have access to help when required.

Bigger Picture

This is an exciting development for the mental health community and the medical industry as a whole, emphasizing the critical role that technology can play in providing improved healthcare services. The new advent of digital tools can create a more informed and connected healthcare system, providing patients with better treatment options and a greater sense of agency in their own care. This new technological development highlights the benefit of not only implementing new digital solutions but also creating a greater awareness among healthcare staff and professionals about the potential benefits of these technological developments. As we embrace these new solutions, we also need to prioritize ensuring digital technologies’ inclusion and accessibility to all members of society.

Final Words

In summary, this newly developed system can revolutionize mental healthcare services by improving and increasing access, more personalized care, and more critical support for patients. This unique digital solution merges innovations in technology and healthcare service, creating an immersive and integrated experience for patients. At Psychiatry Tech, we believe in great steps towards technological developments to enhance the provision of health care services and support individuals and families to achieve optimal health outcomes.

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