Innovating Mental Health: Minister Matt Doocey seeks tech-driven local solutions

Renowned for his efforts to enhance mental health services in New Zealand, Minister Matt Doocey recently made a visit to Whanganui to discuss mental health issues and how technology can play a transformative role in addressing them.

An Introduction to Doocey’s Vision

As the representative of Waimakariri in the Canterbury region since 2014 and an experienced mental health professional, Doocey’s name is synonymous with his continuous efforts to implement tech-driven solutions in mental health care. His latest visit to Whanganui signifies his resolve of bringing a difference on a local level via innovative measures.

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Emphasizing Local Health Traditions alongside Global Innovation

During his visit, Doocey expressed admiration for the work by the Whanganui District Health Board (DHB) as well as its local providers. He emphasized the importance of embedding new technology within local health traditions. This balance between local and global resources would positively impact mental health services.

Tech-enabled Future of Psychiatry

Minister Doocey acknowledges that mental health service delivery in the district can potentially scale new heights through digital technology. With technology lending a helping hand, the role of providers could shift from merely offering services to empowering individuals to manage their own mental health.

Noteworthy Features of the Whanganui DHB

Whanganui DHB has a reputation of being a leader in technology, which is clear from its various tech-enabled facilities such as telehealth and the Patient Portal. The Portal, a securely accessible tool that allows patients to update their details, order prescriptions, and communicate with their GP online, is particularly impressive.

Doocey’s vision for Mental Health Innovation

While acknowledging the progress, Doocey strongly urged healthcare professionals to push the envelope and seek even more advanced and effective solutions. He is optimistic that through the fusion of technology and psychiatry, a whole new level of successful mental health care and prevention can be achieved.


Minister Doocey’s visit to Whanganui, coupled with his expertise and vision, signals promising times ahead for the field of mental health care. Championing the cause of infusing technology into psychiatry and mental health care, he is leading the way to a future where anyone can access quality mental health care from their homes.

We at Psychiatry Tech are excited to follow the rich future of mental health in a tech-driven world and look forward to more progress in the field.

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