Psychiatry Tech presents Future Of Mental Health What is Equity in Mental Health?

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Individuals from marginalized communities are not only more likely to experience mental health issues due to social determinants and institutionalized racism, they are less likely to have access to treatment for their concerns. It’s clear that increasing access to mental health care is vital to promote everyone’s health and wellness. 


Madhuri Jha, LCSW, MPH (she/hers) is a clinical social work and public health professional with experience providing leadership, training, consultation and direct clinical practice to programs focused on integrated behavioral health services, health systems strengthening, trauma and resiliency, mental health epidemiology and community capacity building. 


Ms. Jha currently serves as the Director of the Kennedy-Satcher Center for Mental Health Equity at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute with the Morehouse School of Medicine. She joins Morehouse School of Medicine after over a decade of service in New York City and Washington, DC. She most recently was the Director of a New York City mobile behavioral health unit, in addition to being a professor of mental health policy at New York University and a clinician in private practice. 


Madhuri has worked locally, nationally and internationally as a manager to donor-funded health programs reaching vulnerable and high risk communities. Her work history spans a diverse breadth of on the ground experience in a myriad of inpatient, outpatient, school-based, community-based and mobile psychiatric treatment settings. 


Join Marjorie Morrison and Patrick J. Kennedy for an in-depth discussion with Madhuri Jha on equity and the future of mental health. 


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