Psychiatry Tech presents Future Of Mental Health The Live Episode – Mental Health in the Healthcare System

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In this special live episode of the Future of Mental Health podcast, Marjorie Morrison and Patrick J. Kennedy speak with Dr. Kyu Rhee, Senior Vice President and Aetna Chief Medical Officer at CVS Health.


“I’m a big believer that as we evolve from evidence based medicine–you know, we need to move towards values based care. And what are those values we have? And the people in this room have values of prevention, resiliency, mental health, and equity and community. And so, how are we gonna make sure the data, the analytics, the workforce, and the commitments that the different P’s have deliver on those values so that we all are healthier?” – Dr. Kyu Rhee


Dr. Kyu Rhee serves as Senior Vice President and Aetna Chief Medical Officer at CVS Health. He and his team lead the integration and delivery of clinical and population health solutions. Prior to joining CVS Health, Dr. Rhee was the Chief Health Officer of IBM for a decade. He and his team had global responsibilities for IBM’s efforts to transform health through the use of data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and services for hospitals, health systems, providers, health plans, employers, governments, and life science companies across the world. He was also accountable for the health and safety of the global workforce, innovating health plan design for billions of global healthcare spending, and assuring a culture of health and performance.


Join Marjorie Morrison and Patrick J. Kennedy for an in-depth discussion with Dr. Kyu Rhee on integrating mental health into all else. 


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