Psychiatry Tech presents Future Of Mental Health The LA Homeless Crisis is Changing Mental Health Care Everywhere

If we really seek to reform mental health, we have to focus on where the rubber hits the road in communities. At the county level, this is where often disparate local, state, and federal budgets are integrated. When those budgets are merged, they can allow for the kind of innovation that our guest Dr. John Sherin has pioneered in LA county.


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“Our government invests a tremendous amount of money in delivery of health and human services. And that money really needs to go into the communities and not into bureaucracy.” -Dr. Jon Sherin


Dr. John Sherin, Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, oversees America’s largest public mental health department with an annual budget approaching $3 billion. Dr. Sherin is a longtime health advocate who has worked tirelessly throughout his career on behalf of vulnerable populations. 


Join Marjorie Morrison and Patrick J. Kennedy for an in-depth discussion with Dr. Sherin on how new approaches implemented in Los Angeles can show a way forward for other counties, states, and the federal government.


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