Psychiatry Tech presents Future Of Mental Health NBC Anchor Kate Snow: On Stigma, Fame and Therapy (Re-Play)

NBC News correspondent and NBC Nightly News Anchor, Kate Snow, is passionate about reporting the mental health stories that other people miss.

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Kate Snow talks today to Marjorie Morrison and Patrick Kennedy about her own journey, the stubborn stigma associated with mental health and more. Listen as they discuss Isolation and the increase in Process Addictions, the role that journalists can play to slow the stigma, and the impact (and power) of Social Media.

Kate opens up on what it’s like living in the spotlight, parenting two kids and the importance of using her forum to report on mental health.

“I feel like I’m just ‘Kate.’ But, I have this image on TV, and a lot of people see me as this ‘perfect’ image. There’s so many things people don’t see about me. If I can take that veil off a little bit and tell it like it is—that’s what I try to do”. Kate Snow.

Kate Snow is a national journalist for NBC News, ( serving as the Senior National Correspondent and contributing to all NBC platforms, including TODAY, NBC Nightly News, Dateline NBC and MSNBC. She lives to tell the stories that don’t get enough attention—stories that touch on substance use, suicide, and adolescents—and publicly shares that she sees a therapist.

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