Psychiatry Tech presents Future Of Mental Health Lessons From The Frontline of Mental Health in the Military, with Marjorie Morrison

How do warriors cope after the enduring traumas of war? What can we learn from the military about mental health? In the second of three ‘Pillar Episodes’, Patrick J. Kennedy turns the tables on his co-host Marjorie Morrison, to ask her about her past life working with the U.S. Marines.   


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“There’s a lot of progress that’s been made, but it’s a really broken system. So I sound like you [Patrick] when I say this, but it comes from mental health and physical health being separated really from the beginning.” -Marjorie Morrison


Marjorie’s focus on supporting members of the military and their communities was first developed in the field, after she spent a year writing and implementing a revolutionary proactive counseling program for the U.S. Marines. After working with 500 Marine drill instructors, her innovative program continued at Camp Pendleton, where she was able to work with  hundreds of Marines to interview and learn from. This implementation research was utilized to create a groundbreaking solution to approach military mental health care. She continued this work as Founder and CEO of PsychArmor Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, committed to bridging the military-civilian divide through free education.


Listen today as Patrick J. Kennedy and Marjorie Morrison discuss ongoing challenges including how the military community is often isolated, the complexity of trauma-related symptoms, mismatched incentives among payors and providers, and important solutions for the future.


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