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Multi-platinum, award-winning singer/songwriter Josh Groban opens up about his Mental health journey and why he believes the arts are a critical component to mental health.

Josh Groban ( is a multi-platinum, award-winning singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. He believes that the opportunity to experience a quality arts education helped him with Attention Deficit Disorder and Anxiety. As someone who was inspired at a young age through art classes, he wanted to pay it forward.

Josh founded the Find Your Light Foundation ( to provide education, advocacy and outreach to Adolescents. Find Your Light supports more than 90 arts programs nationally.

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Marjorie Morrison, Patrick Kennedy, and Josh discuss the link between music and mental health, the importance of Altruism and the negative effects of Social Media. Josh also shares his Mental Health Tips and and so much more. 

“I have fantasies about leaving the [spotlight]. I’ve checked the boxes—It’s been almost 20 years. Maybe I should just give myself the ejector seat [and stop performing]? I always come back to the realization that to eject your seat is to turn off the light”. Groban.

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