Psychiatry Tech presents Future Of Mental Health #66: Live Episode – YouTube Content: Supporting Informed Mental Health Choices

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On this episode of the Future of Mental Health, Marjorie Morrison is ending the season with a special live episode joined by Jessica DiVento, YouTube’s Global Head of Mental Health. Jessica shares a behind-the-scenes look into how YouTube is partnering with companies that create psychoeducation content to better inform consumers and how they are using longform and short form content to appeal to all generations.

“Users are going to TikTok and Instagram for medical information. Well, at YouTube we are trying to help users make an informed decision about the content that they are consuming.” – Jessica DiVento

This episode was recorded live during the Future of Mental Healthcare: West Summit in which Marjorie and Jessica had a discussion about content creation and YouTube spearheading the movement for content that is scientifically backed. Marjorie also shares how Psych Hub and YouTube partner on content creation and some exciting news about Psych Hub Connect.

Our guest, Dr.Jessica DiVento,is a licensed clinical psychologist who works as a consulting psychologist at Google, co-leading the Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Team.  As part of this, she serves as YouTube’s Global Head of Mental Health, where she partners directly with executives and cross-functional stakeholders to improve employee wellbeing at scale.  In addition, she consults as subject-matter expert on YouTube’s product and content as it relates to mental health.  Prior to her time at Google, Dr. Jessica worked in Employee Assistance and University Health, where she specialized in young adults, identity-related concerns, anxiety, grief/loss, and adult children of parents with severe mental illness. 


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