Exploring Psychiatry Tech: Black Psychiatrists’ Insight on Life as a Doctor

Psychiatry is a field that demands innovation, and technology is becoming increasingly crucial to address different mental health cases. Technology advancements have played a critical role in improving mental health diagnoses, treatment, and care delivery over the years. Moreover, considering the inequities that arise in mental health care, the use of technology is instrumental in providing access and democratizing mental health care.

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As we delve into psychiatry technology, it’s crucial to look into the experiences of psychiatrists, particularly those from black communities. Black psychiatrists face unique challenges in their career because of the racial barriers that exist in the medical field.

Recently, Psychiatry News spoke with two black psychiatrists, Dr. Annelle Primm and Dr. William Lawson, who shared their insights about life as black psychiatrists and how technology is evolving the field.

The life of a black psychiatrist

Being a black psychiatrist comes with its own challenges, including underrepresentation, discrimination, and racism. Dr. Primm shared that as a young doctor, she would often face discrimination from colleagues at faculty reunions who would be shocked to learn that she was a doctor.

Dr. Lawson, on the other hand, shared that mental health patients could sometimes display racist behaviors towards black psychiatrists. ”I think we face the same types of discrimination and racism as black people face in general as well as some of the specific stereotypes that may be associated with the medical field,” he said.

Despite the challenges, Dr. Primm and Dr. Lawson remain inspired by the possibility of providing care to marginalized communities. One way black psychiatrists provide the much-needed access is through the use of technology.

Technology and Psychiatry

Technology plays a significant role in addressing some of the mental health disparities that exist, particularly for black communities. For instance, technology such as telepsychiatry can provide rural communities with access to psychiatrists who are in urban areas. This technology has been instrumental in providing access to vital mental health services to people who cannot access face-to-face sessions.

Dr. Primm states, ”We know our patients feel much more connected and engaged when the doctor is just a video screen away. The technology is there, it just needs more thoughtful deployment.” The reality is that most people need mental health care, but not everyone has the resources to access it. By utilizing technology, psychiatrists can provide much-needed services to disadvantaged communities, especially those who may face stigma and barriers with traditional therapies.

Moreover, technology is also essential in improving mental health diagnoses and developing treatment plans. Psychiatrists can use predictive analytics by compiling data from electronic health records to predict how patients may respond to treatment. AI algorithms can analyze vast quantities of clinical data, lab work, genomics, and lifestyle data to provide insights that help psychiatrists make informed decisions.


The field of psychiatry is evolving and changing every day. The use of technology is revolutionizing the field and improving care delivery, especially for disadvantaged communities. The experiences of black psychiatrists highlight the need to address the racial inequities that are still pervasive in medicine while also embracing new technology to provide much-needed access to patients.

It’s crucial to continue to explore innovative ways to improve mental health care. As we continue to delve into psychiatry technology, it’s necessary to recognize the experiences of different clinicians and how they incorporate these technologies in their practice.

Do you believe technology is instrumental in democratizing mental health care? Share your thoughts on how technology can improve the accessibility and quality of mental health care in your community.

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