The end is near big time. This is official. If it takes a monitor to assess someone’s current emotional status, then we are in big trouble. But that is precisely what Exmocare, Inc., a NY, NY company, wants to capitalize on. Just past Wednesday, in the presence of our somber editorial staff, Frost & Sullivan has awarded Exmocare, Inc. with 2008 North American Emotion Monitoring Technology Innovation of the Year Award,

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for “developing the ExmoCare physiology and emotion monitoring platform that aids in understanding the physiological state of a person through monitoring the expression of emotion patterns. The platforms developed by the company Exmocare, Inc. are unique in that they are the first of their kind to become a first-stop solution for vital sign monitoring , emotional monitoring, and online reporting.” And now the company is all set to release a new smaller, smarter, Bluetooth enabled, and more powerful emotions analyzer/vital signs recorder, dubbed BT2.

The BT1 has been used since 2006 for research missions by NASA, evaluation by research universities and clinics, and has been recognized for its unique capabilities by Frost and Sullivan. The BT2 builds on the critical success of the BT1, will be produced in larger quantities for evaluation by chronic and elder care service plan providers spanning 190 countries. Unlike any other biosensor device on the planet, the BT2 measures and transmits all basic vital signs needed via Bluetooth to alert care providers 24/7.

 With its sleeker appearance, smaller form factor and onboarddisplay, the BT2 will enable Exmocare to demonstrate its online diagnosis and electronic medical record storage services globally. The BT2 will be debuted at an industry award ceremony honoring the BT1 on March 14 in San Francisco, where its final specifications will be revealed to the general public…

Amazing features of Exmocare’s BT2 monitoring device:

  • 99 Percent accurate vital signs, even when the wearer is moving
  • Heart rate and heart rate variability in the Exmocare watch using infrared signals to determine blood volume pulse without chest straps, electrodes or two-handed contact
  • Simultaneously measures skin temperature, skin moisture and relative movement
  • Able to detect human emotional and behavioral states, including side effects to drugs
  • Connects to online diagnosis and electronic medical records software via Bluetooth wireless

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