Cutting-Edge Psychiatry Tech: Exploring Gadgets, Apps, and Innovations at MHIZ

The Mental Health Innovation Zone (MHIZ) is a pioneering platform that brings together clinicians, researchers, innovators, and thought leaders from the fields of psychiatry and technology. At MHIZ, participants interact and explore the vast possibilities and innovations that technology brings to psychiatry.

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Revolutionizing Psychiatry

At MHIZ, disruptive innovations in technology and psychiatry converge, creating cutting-edge resources for mental health professionals. These novel tools and solutions promise to revolutionize the way we understand, diagnose, treat, and manage mental health conditions.

MHIZ: A Thrive for Innovative Solution

MHIZ provides a thriving ground for new and disruptive innovations aimed at improving mental wellbeing and effective mental health provision.

Innovations Highlighted at MHIZ


One of the highlighted innovations is the SaveMyScope, a mobile phone adapter. This handy tool allows endoscopists to capture endoscopic images directly from their mobile phone – a feature appreciated by psychiatrists treating patients with body-related mental issues.


Another innovative solution brought forward at MHIZ is InstaAid. This app assists in real-time distress management, allowing users to contact a trusted person with a single click when in distress. The app gives the user the ability to press a red button during a crisis and immediately connect with someone who can help.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

The concept of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) was also presented at MHIZ. VRET allows patients to confront and process traumatic memories in a safe and controlled virtual environment, proving highly beneficial for individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

MHIZ: Opening Possibilities for Mental Health

These technological innovations presented at MHIZ demonstrate how technology is bridging gaps and overcoming obstacles in mental health care. MHIZ is proving instrumental in creating an environment that encourages innovation and fosters development in the field of psychiatric technology.


The advanced technology solutions highlighted at MHIZ suggest a promising future for psychiatry and mental health provision. As we continue embracing these technological advancements, we pave the way for a more evolved understanding and treatment procedures for mental health conditions.

We encourage everyone to join us on this exciting journey into modern psychiatric care. How do you envision the future of psychiatry with these advanced technologies? Share your thoughts on your favorite social media platforms, tagging @PsychiatryTech, and let’s start a conversation focused on enhancing mental wellness with innovative technology.

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