Axium Robotics, a company based in Strasbourg, France, has received European and U.S. regulatory approvals for its TMS-Cobot TS MV, a robotic arm specifically developed to position the treatment coil of the MagVenture TMS system.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is used to treat major depressive disorder in patients that have failed to respond to drugs. Properly positioning the coil so it accurately targets the correct part of the brain is key to effective treatment. Patient movement can mess with targeting, but screwing the scalp to a stationary object is very uncomfortable.

The TMS-Cobot TS MV is an optical tracking system that is able to track patient movement and to continuously adjust its positioning to maintain the coil’s focus on the target. The arm can be adjusted and repositioned by the operator at will.

The system will be distributed by MagVenture, the Danish company that makes the TMS system that the TMS-Cobot TS MV is indicated to work with.

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