Take a quick look at the app store for whatever computer or device you’re currently reading this on, and you’ll likely find at least one “brain-training” app that claims to increase your cognitive abilities through a series of puzzles and exercises. A new app for the iPad called Clevermind takes a similar approach to mental exercise, but is designed specifically for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Clevermind is more than just a collection of games, however. As management of Alzheimer’s involves more than just mental exercise, Clevermind also includes other tools, such as social networking, food and nutrition tools, and medical information. The entire interface has large, easy-to-read buttons and is guided by a Siri-like assistant named MYIRA.


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Clevermind is free on the iOS App Store, but as it is an early 1.0 version app, its features are limited and you might run into a few bugs. We took a brief look at it, and the app is fairly basic; it’s essentially a less-complicated alternative to the standard iPad home screen. However, it’s very easy to navigate and use and has a lot of potential to be useful mental health tool.

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