The Modesto Bee, in a story about attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), reports about the use of a Bio Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD) to help treat/manage this condition. Here is a description of the device, taken from the article, and its effects on Austin Lassa, an 8 year old boy seen in the photo.

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In addition to changing Austin’s diet, Lawlis prescribed the Bio Acoustical Utilization Device, or BAUD. Through headphones, the instrument emits sonic waves that stimulate brain frequencies, accomplishing the same objective as commonly prescribed medicines, Lawlis said. Austin takes the device with him to school.

“We know what frequencies would stimulate Austin’s brain because we’ve checked this out on an EEG (electroencephalogram),” Lawlis said. “You can begin to see effects in about 10 minutes. By stimulating the brain, you increase your ability to focus and you also get a heightened feeling of well-being. You can think of it almost as music can affect a person in the same way. This is just a tool. It’s not intended to be a panacea, but it’s been shown to work pretty well.”

Rickards — who recently received another invitation to appear on a future episode of “Dr.Phil” — said Austin always had trailed classmates in various areas of learning. But this year, he has caught up and already is reading at a fourth-grade level.

“Austin’s an extremely capable young man who kind of carries the flag for looking for alternative approaches to ADD,” Lawlis said. “And he’s demonstrated that alternatives really do work. I’m proud of him.”

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