Becker’s Hospital Review Lauds CHOC’s Innovative Tech-Based Mental Health Programs

CHOC’s Mental Health Programs Enhance Patient Engagement and Access

CHOC has been committed to providing quality pediatric care for over half a century, striving to meet the evolving needs of its community. In recent years, the hospital has invested heavily in mental health programs, recognizing the critical role of behavioral health in overall wellness. Their evidence-based practices are rooted in collaboration, compassion, and innovation, focusing on prevention, intervention, and recovery.

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At the heart of CHOC’s mental health programs is a tech-enabled approach to engagement and access. With the rise of telemedicine, mobile apps, and digital platforms, patients can now receive mental healthcare anytime, anywhere. CHOC’s mental health services use these technologies to reach children and families in need, providing them with personalized, user-friendly interfaces to access resources and support. From online therapy sessions to virtual psychiatric consultations, CHOC’s programs leverage the power of technology to empower patients and caregivers, breaking down barriers to care.

CHOC Utilizes Innovative Technologies for Mental Health Assessment and Care Delivery

In addition to enhancing patient engagement and access, CHOC has also embraced cutting-edge technologies to improve mental health assessment and care delivery. Their use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms enables clinicians to analyze vast amounts of patient data, identifying patterns, and predicting outcomes. This data-driven approach to care enables more accurate diagnoses, customized treatments, and better long-term outcomes.

Moreover, CHOC has also leveraged virtual and augmented reality technologies to enhance therapeutic interventions. These technologies enable patients to experience real-world scenarios, allowing them to practice coping skills in a safe, controlled environment. This approach to therapy has proven particularly effective for children with anxiety and phobias, enabling them to overcome their fears and build resilience.

CHOC Prioritizes Collaborative Care and Community Outreach

One of the key strengths of CHOC’s mental health programs is their emphasis on collaborative care. CHOC’s clinical teams work closely with patients, families, and community partners to develop comprehensive treatment plans that address the full spectrum of issues impacting mental health. Their integrated approach to care incorporates evidence-based treatments, peer support, and community outreach programs, enabling patients and families to access the resources they need to thrive.

CHOC’s community outreach programs are particularly noteworthy, providing education and support services to schools, youth organizations, and other community partners. Their multidimensional approach to prevention and early intervention helps reduce the incidence and impact of mental health issues and ensures that children and families receive the support they need when they need it.


CHOC’s pioneering work in tech-based mental health programs has been transformative for pediatric care, improving patient outcomes and expanding access to critical support services. As technology continues to advance, the potential for digital health to address mental health challenges becomes ever more profound. CHOC’s innovative models of care demonstrate the power of collaboration, compassion, and innovation in driving positive change. We can all learn from CHOC’s example and work towards creating a future where mental healthcare is accessible, effective, and stigma-free.

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