The APA Council on Children, Adolescents, and Their Families meets monthly to engage in important discussions related to child and adolescent psychiatry, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and health disparities. In addition to working on position statements, action papers, educational content, and collaborating with other APA councils, our council members are actively working on exciting presentations for APA’s online Annual Meeting.

The council’s 10 presentations and two posters navigate themes including social media, collective trauma, learning gaps, racial injustice, LGBTQ issues, ethics, and telepsychiatry and their implications for mental health, especially during times of crisis. We hope to raise awareness of these important issues through case discussions, stimulating conversations, and educational tools.

Scientific Sessions

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Identities: LGBTQ Asian American Mental Health Speakers: A. Ning Zhou, M.D., Jordan Wong, M.D., Wang Chang, M.D., Jose Vito, M.D.

  • Cultural Considerations During COVID-19 on College Campuses Speakers: Amy Alexander, M.D., Ludmila De Faria, M.D., Diane Gottlieb, M.D., Evelyn Ashiofu, M.D., Donna Tran, M.D.

  • Ethical Challenges in Psychiatric Treatment of College Students Speakers: Rachel Conrad, M.D., Rebecca Brendel, M.D., Alan Newman, M.D., Michelle Riba, M.D., Vic Schwartz, M.D.

  • How to Provide Trauma-Informed Care Within the World of Social Injustice and the COVID-19 Pandemic: College Mental Health Experience Speakers: Ludmila De Faria, M.D., Diane Gottlieb, M.D., Amy Alexander, M.D., Meena Nuthi, M.D., Kent Mathias, M.D.

  • Friend, Frenemy, or Foe: The Role of Adolescent Social Media Use in Race-Based Trauma Speakers: Tresha Gibbs, M.D., Gabrielle Shapiro, M.D., Caitlin Costello, M.D., Stephanie Garayalde, M.D., Asha Martin, M.D.

  • Making the Grade: How to Successfully Implement Equitable Telepsychiatry With College Students Speakers: Doris Iarovici, M.D., Gabrielle Shapiro, M.D., Nora Feldpausch, M.D., E. Grace Owen, M.D., Dara Sakolsky, M.D.

  • No One Left Behind: Overcoming the Impact of Telemedicine Restrictions on College Mental Health Speakers: Meera Menon, M.D., Yujuan Choy, M.D., Bettina Bohle Frankel, M.D., Gillian Schweitzer, M.D., Nora Feldpausch, M.D.

  • Promoting Resilience During the COVID-19 and Racial Injustice Pandemics: Culturally Attuned, Resilience-Focused Clinical Care, and Supervision on Campus Speakers: SuEllen Hamkins, M.D., E. Grace Owen, M.D., Ram Lakhani, M.D.

  • Technology Gap During COVID-19: Disparity Impact on Student Learning and Mental Health Speakers: Cesar Cardenas Jr., M.D., Gabrielle Shapiro, M.D., Cheryl Wills, M.D., Andrea Diaz Stransky, M.D., Tricia Lemelle, M.D.

  • Terror, Tactics, Trauma: Implications of Islamophobia for Psychiatrists Speakers: Rana Elmaghraby, M.D., Mariam Aboukar, D.O., Zeeshan Mansuri, M.B.B.S., Ranya Awaad, M.D.

Poster Presentations

  • Characteristics of E-Cigarette Use Among Adult Smokers With Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder Authors: Jordan Wong, M.D., Mary Brunette, M.D.

  • Is There a Need to Talk to Them? Lessons From an Activity With Medical and Non-Medical Residents Authors: Artur Danila, M.D., Eduardo Humes, M.D., Daniel Gagliotti, M.D.

This year has been uniquely challenging, but our council members have come together to continue crucial discussions that impact youth and align with this year’s annual meeting theme: “Finding Equity Through Advances in Mind and Brain in Unsettled Times.”

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We hope you will join us virtually for this year’s Annual Meeting! More information on the scientific sessions, including dates and times, can be accessed at ■

Rana Elmaghraby, M.D., is a second-year child and adolescent psychiatry fellow at Mayo Clinic–Rochester and a member of APA’s Council on Children, Adolescents, and Their Families.

Stephanie Garayalde, M.D., is a second-year APA/APAF child and adolescent psychiatry fellow and a first-year child and adolescent psychiatry fellow at the University of Florida, Jacksonville.

Jordan Wong, M.D., is a first-year APA/APAF child and adolescent psychiatry fellow and a second-year psychiatry resident at New York Presbyterian (Columbia)/New York State Psychiatric Institute.

APA Council to Address Wide Range of Sessions on Youth Mental Health Issues | Psychiatric News

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